Optimism«« Content is everything. I hope its good.

Being in a band just starting off is a guessing game. You’ve done all things you’re supposed to do, tell your friends, get your online stuff going, and write good(hopefully) songs. The way I look at it, the content will get you places more than your fancy ad will, BUT a fancy ad never hurts.  

This is just my opinion, the social interaction online is sometimes pressed as more important than your music itself. It brings up a huge contradiction in what music should be about, what it stands for, and why we listen to it. <Getting off of my soapbox> 

Our first concert as a new band is in a city completely foreign to us. This is a big risk. A lot of people would say it sounds crazy. I have to ask myself why I chose Burnsville to be the first concert for my band. The thing is, I’m not worried at all. 

Let me just start off by stating that I am a control freak, my bandmates hate me 50% of the time for trying to micromanage everything. I constantly second guess myself, but this time I think its pretty clear why I chose The Garage to be our first concert as “The Dashing North”. 

In one word it is “abnormal”.  Its odd for a band thats never been heard of to perform its first show outside of its normal stomping grounds. I could have easily booked something much more convenient and closer to home but whats the fun in that? We absolutely love performing our songs to a crowd that has no idea of who we are. It gives us a chance to really gauge ourselves and what people thought of us. 

I want our music to fall on neutral ears, ears that probably won’t care unless it demands their attention. I hope our sound delivers. My hope is that people walk away from the concert at least with our name in a small secluded section of their heads. 

This is the third and very possibly last try at making music a serious lifetime choice for me. I like to view myself as having done a lot of this before just never correctly, this being my perhaps last time, I want to do it right.

So reader, walk away knowing that what you’re going to hear on the new record is real, it wants you to listen to it, and we are very very very much looking forward to performing for you on 2.26.11.


 The Dashing North


The Dashing North 

 1. Prologue (pieces)

 2. About The Author 

 3. We Were Golden

 4. Have a Holiday

 5. Quick

 6. Skeleton Friends

 7. Pyramids

 8. Epilogue (puzzles)

March 1st, 2011